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NOSHAD TRADING, is a progressively growing Chemicals Indenting, Trading and Distribution Company. Which deals in Pharmaceutical, Personal care, industrial and cosmeceutical raw materials. Within a very short span of time, it has established strong roots in various industries throughout Pakistan.

Maintaining a consistent level of high quality has been our standard for many years.

We believe our employees are “Assets” of our company and success is always the result of team work, and each of our colleagues contributes daily with their initiative and expertise.

The company enjoys cordial relations with all major clients including MNC’s, National Companies, End-users and Traders / Stockists.

We are working as “Sole Agents & Sole Distributors” for Several European, Malaysian, Chinese and Indians manufacturers of world repute.

We undertake study and provide marketing prospects of product to be introduced into Pakistan, identify local manufacturers for toll manufacturing / contract manufacturing.

We are at service 24 Hours a Day and Seven Days a Week, in order to give un-match able high quality services according to requirement of the clients.

Quality Policy

“Our future success is based upon conformance to our customer’s requirement in all areas of service & customer needs”

Corporate Values

Noshad Trading upholds four crucial values that guide everything we do. It unites all employees. These values are integral to the way we work and the decisions we make.
  • Commitment:
Our team lives by the principle of being committed towards our clientele in all our trade activities. At the same time, we also value dedication and hard work displayed by our team.
  • Creating Values:

Creating value for our clients is very important to us. We are dedicated towards providing goods and services of excellent quality with competitive prices to our entire client base.

  • Fostering Relationships:

We are a customer-oriented company and believe in developing strong, positive and long lasting relationships with all our partners. Our partner’s success is just as important as ours.

  • Entrepreneurship:
We give our team the freedom to take decisions, give suggestions and motivate them to take initiatives to bring about changes. 


Noshad Trading is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, and flexible solutions to its customers according to their needs. Our mission is to provide quality and professional services to our customers through our experience gained over a long span of time. We strive to be “Your Trusted Service Provider.”


Our vision is to perform, QUALITY and ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We have strongly dedicated ourselves to the philosophy of “Team Work and Performance”. In fulfilling our mission we also look after the interest of our workforce and our customers. We believe there is no compromise towards quality and our company is working round the clock to achieve that. As here we DREAM BIG & DARE TO ACHIEVE, it.


Our market strategy is defined by flexibility and adaptability in responding to market needs. We serve large and small customers and deliver products sourced from all regions of the world based on quality, competitive prices and peerless service.


We deal in the following diverse range of Chemicals & Industrial Products:

  • Pharma and Nutraceutical Raw Materials.
  • Personal Care and Cosmeceuticles. 
  • Industrial Chemicals and Raw Materials.
  • Food and Pharma Excipients.
  • Paint and Coatings Raw Materials
  • Nutraceutical Extracts
  • Horeca Food Supply
  • Feed and Veterinary Chemicals.